The New Rebellion: rise of the women of Star Wars

Beautiful piece.

Nix /Array


I was never a rebel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I couldn’t have found it in me to aspire to Princess Leia before now. But because of The Force Awakens and the stories to come from the Star Wars renaissance we’re riding, I’m a proud and hopeful new generation fan. I have hope because it gave me the heroines I needed to see. Not born royalty, sassy and self-assured, but a girl who was searching for her place to belong, and found it in a way she never expected.

It’s easy to think I must be alone in counting The Force Awakens as my favourite film in the Star Wars saga so far. I feel out on a limb sometimes, as though the whole fandom is at odds with how I pin who I want to be on Rey. She reached out to me through Maz…

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